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App Usage
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Safe Zones

Activity Report
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Lock & Control Screen Time

Set specific times and days of the week that different apps can be used.

Another great feature is that you can restrict as many or as little apps remotely as you see fit or set time limits for each individual app.


Location GPS Tracker & History

Access the SmartKids Phone real-time location as well as see the location history.

Create multiple virtual safe zones and be notified when the device leaves or enters a zone such as School or Home.


App Usage & Blocker

Be notified when a new app has been downloaded or remotely restrict downloading apps altogether.

Another great feature is that you can restrict as many or as little apps remotely as you see fit or set time limits for each individual app.


Whitelist Numbers

By switching on the Whitelist feature you can create ‘safe contacts’. Only ‘safe contacts’ can call the phone and only the ‘safe contacts’ can be called.

This means no unsolicited calls.


No Camera

We can’t always be watching our children on social media.

Sometimes we wonder if they are being socially responsible online. Not having a camera can give you that little extra peace of mind.


SOS Emergency Call and GPS Location SMS

By activating the SOS Emergency button feature the SmartKids Phone will SMS it’s current location and call up
to five contacts with a simple press of a button.


Create Geo-Fences & Safe Zones

Create multiple virtual safe zones and be notified when the device leaves or enters a zone such as School or Home.

Or if the SmartKids Phone hasn’t left or entered the safe zone by a certain time.


Free Phone Case & Screen Protector

Included with the SmartKids Phone is a silicone shockproof phone case to help survive everyday school yard bumps, and a screen protector, giving the touch-screen as long a life span as possible.


Low Battery Notification

When the battery starts to get low, you’ll be notified. You’ll also be able to see real time battery level on demand.


Free Subscription

The Opel Mobile Guardian App is free to download from either Apple's App store and Google's Play Store.

There are no monthly subscription fees either. The SmartKids Phone connects seamlessly with their parents iPhone or Android phone.


Activity Report & History

See the SmartKids Phone’s activity history which includes when calls and text messages have been made or received along with when apps have been used.

A Phone Designed Especially For Kids…and Parents

Set personalised limits on how and when your kids call, text, and connect to help them learn responsible use of mobile phones.

  • This phone has no camera to ensure your children are socially responsible
  • As a parent, you can see which apps are downloaded and control when they’re being used
  • Track your child’s location through virtual safe zones set using geofencing

Your Children Can Now Connect with Family and Friends Safely

Your child having their own mobile phone is a great way for kids to socialise and connect with friends. It can take time for children to learn how to use their own device safely. However, to help parents, Opel Mobile have developed one of the first-ever phones designed specifically for kids.

The Opel Mobile SmartKids touch phone for kids comes with key features to help keep them connected and safe. For starters, we’ve eliminated the camera. This can help ensure your child is being socially responsible. We’ve also designed our phone for kids to provide parents with a notification whenever an app is downloaded. You can make sure your child is using their phone appropriately and not getting into something they shouldn’t.

You can restrict app choices and use time control features to limit when these can be used too. You can also pick and choose which phone numbers can be called and received through your kid’s phone.

Worried about a lost phone? The Opel Mobile SmartKids phone also comes with features that allow you to discover its real-time location. You can track your kid’s phone with ease and trust they are safe.


What else can the Opel Mobile SmartKids Phone offer?

With this specialised mobile phone, kids get access to 4G/3G network capabilities, as well as an SOS emergency button. When this button is pressed, the phone will automatically text and call up to five contacts, notifying friends or family that the user needs help. This is a feature you hope they will never have to use but it’s great to have on hand just in case.

Opel Mobile’s basic phone for kids gives you, and them, what they want. Get them connected while keeping them safe! Click below to buy now.


NetworkUnlocked 4G VoLTE
Display5.5’’ HD IPS screen
Battery2300mAh battery
CameraNo camera
RAM3GB memory
ROM32GB storage
SD CardsMicroSD memory card slot
SystemAndroid® 11
Parental ControlOpel Mobile GuardianApp
Data100% Australian Data Sovereignty

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Bought this for my daughter, perfect way for her to stay in contact with family and friends
-Jenny from Amazon
Just brilliant!
- Elleblitz from Product Review
Feature packed Smartphone
- Tom Barton from Product Review

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